Why Liverpool Should Apply the Man Utd Model

This week Liverpool announced further losses of £40.5m whilst Manchester United announced yet another commercial deal with a Danish credit card company.

More or less on a weekly basis Man Utd have been announcing high profile global and regional commercial deals. With over 40 staff dialling for dollars in a swanky Mayfair office, the commercial strategy is reaping huge rewards. Their new shirt sponsorship set to start in 2014/15 season with Chevrolet is worth over £40million per annum, more than double what Liverpool currently get from Standard Chartered Bank.

The reports suggest that Liverpool need to move into a new stadium to develop revenues from Naming Rights etc but the fact is Man Utd are hampered in that regard, impossible in many ways to change the name from Old Trafford without alienating their global fan base.

Liverpool's ownership by Fenway Sports was supposed to bring significant commercial advantage tapping into the huge American franchise and commercial contacts. Frankly this has not happened thus far. The £40million loss posted by Liverpool could be made up with two or three commercial sponsorships at Man Utd.

Liverpool should be taking the Man Utd model, copying it and replicating it. The 3 reds (Liverpool, Man Utd and Arsenal) have a large share of global football support particularly in markets like Asia. 

It's not rocket science, Man Utd have recognised that a combined global and regional sales strategy is the solution to generating maximum commercial revenue. Losses of £40 million should be a thing of the past !